April House Games

April 13, 2019

Last weekend we had our first House Games back from Spring Break. Luckily we had some great weather before our recent week of rain. The girls competed in ultimate frisbee, kickball, and Family Feud. Our  solid team effort moved Symons into second place in the standings for the coveted house cup!

This week was Health and Wellness week at SMUS. The girls took advantage of yoga at lunch (lead by Symons fearless leader Ms. Kaufmann), and Abby S read a beautiful poem she wrote in chapel about self love.


Breath of Fresh Air

Everyone is back and refreshed after Spring Break. Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Spring Break with family, friends and amazing weather (relative to where they were).

Today we decided to head out in to the Victoria fresh air at the break water. The girls had a good chance to catch up, grab some food and, for some, spend some time thinking on the beach. Lovely to see everyone back!

Spring weather brings spring sports. Many Symons girls have gone out for the Junior Girls Soccer team.


Refreshed for 3rd term! Welcome back everyone!

Creative Symons Girls

Along with the opening of Mama Mia the senior school had an art exhibition in the foyer of the McPherson Playhouse. We have so many talented Symons girls, it was great to see their art where everyone could admire their work. This week it has been nose to the books finishing assignments and preparing for tests. With Spring Break around the corner, everyone in the house is counting the days until they go home, go on a service trip or just take some time to relax before the busyness of the last term begins after their well-deserved break.

Mamma Mia! Symons girls are busy!

IT’S SHOWTIME! You have no doubt heard the buzz surrounding this year’s musical production “Mamma Mia!” and the this weekend marks the completion of rehearsals and the show’s four performances at the MacPherson Playhouse here in downtown Victoria. We have many Symons girls involved in the show, from acting, dancing, singing, pit orchestra, and stage crew. Here are some photos that certainly highlight what appears to be an exciting show!

As always, Saturday activities are in full swing with lots of exciting opportunities: Baking cookies for service, baking banana bread for fun, pulling invasive species on Mt. Tolmie, and going to the theatre.

We also had some of our Symons girls helping out with tours and events for our Best School Year Ever finalists who are visiting campus this weekend.


Snow Snow Snow

February 23, 2019

The girls enjoyed not one, but TWO snow days last week before their long weekend. It was the first time in 8 years that the school had a snow day, and no one even remembers how long it has been since there has been two consecutive snow days. The girls took full advantage, sledding, having snowball fights, and building snow people. They only had one and a half days of school before they took off for the long weekend, where a group of Symons girls headed to Whistler to enjoy even more snow!

February House Games

February 9, 2019

Last weekend we had an early House Games, rather than wait until after the Family Day Long weekend. The girls competed in Cardio Pictionary and Charades, as well as Floor Hockey.

It was also Symons turn to host our boarding community chapel. The girls theme was “Community Building,” and they put together a wonderful presentation.

The girls welcomed everyone to Chapel.


Reika played the Guzheng as everyone took their seats. IMG_3608


Abby S and Preet both took turns speaking out the importance of community.

Lucy and Abby F played the piano and sang.


Midterm Week

The week was busy for many girls in preparing for their mid-year assessments. There has been a collective sigh of relief in the house today as many are taking it easy. They are cleaning their rooms, going out for lunch, hanging out with their friends and just taking some well deserved time for themselves. There was an abundance of Saturday activities to choose from again this week and our junior students as well as senior students participated.

Junior and Senior Girls Basketball and the musical “Mamma Mia!” are nearing their final couple of weeks and the spring activities have already begun practices.