Spring Break around the Corner

Every day this week was filled with a different spirit event put on by the athletics council. Monday was jersey day, Tuesday colours day, Wednesday letters and Thursday was wearing the colours of the school. The council wanted to hype the two big rugby games being played on Thursday. Thursday was busy not only for girls rugby but for girls soccer as well. A number of Symons girls lead by Ms. Kaufmann and Mrs. de Goede won their game and then most of the house headed up to UVic Centennial stadium to cheer on both the girls and the boys rugby teams.

The previous weekend was filled with the schools Musical called Newsies. It kept a few of the girls very busy for a number of months and their performance was incredible.

We wish everyone a safe and fun Spring Break.

An event-filled week…

This week SMUS production of Newsies took the main stage at McPherson Theatre in downtown Victoria. Alongside the production, SMUS students also presented some amazing artwork from self-portraits to weaving. Both events have been time-consuming for staff and faculty alike so some downtime will be much appreciated as we countdown to Spring Break.

Here is some artwork from our talented Symons girls:

Saturday also brought on a service activity which a few of the Symons girls participated in – cleaning up our beaches. The girls were surprised at how much plastic they found and at how much the weather changed from campus to the beach – brrrr!

Sometimes a little spa is all you need…

Term 2 at SMUS is always particularly busy with academics and mid-year exams, preparation for the musical production, athletics playoffs and tryouts, arts and cultural events, and boarding events like house games, community dinners, and chapels. This is a lot for students, yet they manage to study hard for their courses, compete hard in their sport, perform exceptionally in the musical, and participate in and support the events around campus. Knowing this is a very busy time of year, Mrs. de Goede decided to put on a relaxing “spa” day last weekend for the Symons girls. There were various foot, hand, and face treatments, and some nail painting. The girls enjoyed the social time, the popcorn and snacks, and a classic movie chosen by Mrs. de Goede!


There was also some opportunity for pool and a sunny nap by the window!


A spontaneous game of TWISTER broke out this week when the WiFi went down unexpectedly. It’s amazing what happens when the internet isn’t an option!


House Games & SMUS Talks

Feb 22, 2020

Before the long weekend, we had our February House Games. The girls competed in floor hockey, pickleball, and a teamwork challenge.

We also hosted Community Dinner, which was neon themed! The girls and Mrs. Catto did a great job of decorating, hosting, choosing delicious food, and creating a fun atmosphere for the boarding community.


This week was SMUS Talks, a TedTalk inspired event. Palin was one of the organizers, while Natcha hosted and Amelia was a speaker.  They all did a great job and the audience was very impressed.

It’s all about Experiential!

The grade nine’s have spend the month of January learning about how to create power. They were introduced to many different possibilities and in their groups they decided on a plan of action to create enough power to charge their cell phone. Some of the groups were successful and others didn’t quite make the cut. It was 3 days filled with sawing, drilling, nailing, collaborating, discussing and creating. Their final projects were certainly impressive and they learned a lot about how mathematics and science work together to make power.


The grade 10’s had their third experiential day. They are learning everything they are going to need to have a successful week long experiential in June.


It was another winding day in the capital city but a few of the girls braved the wind to go for a Breakwater stroll at Ogden point. Another chose a nice cozy corner to play a board game. Still others found some energy to learn how to do Hip Hop.

Another busy week around campus!

It has been a very busy week with the squash team travelling to Vancouver to participate in the Jericho Invitational last Saturday, the basketball team played two league games, and our musicians put on an amazing performance singing in the choir, the band and the strings on Wednesday night.


Beach Clean up was very successful today.

Thanks to Reika for her insightful speech in chapel this week. Well done!

reika - chapel

Just a reminder that our February long weekend is fast approaching, please complete your daughter’s reach confirmations as soon as possible. Thank you!