Waiting for Spring Break…

Everyone is counting down the days to Spring Break and it could not be more well deserved for all of here in Symons.

Here are a few girls participating in Acro Yoga this week.

Saturday activities included baking, crafting, farmers market, movies and a hockey game this weekend.

Musical week

The girls had an extremely busy week. A few were involved with the musical Fiddler on the Roof and many made time in their schedule to go watch.

Michelle is coeditor of SMUS art magazine. In Symons house we are blessed with a number of artists that she was able to include in the magazine.

February 25 already!!

With the Family Day long weekend past everyone now has their sights set on Spring Break!! It’s been a busy couple of weeks with house games, a Whistler trip and preparation for the upcoming musical “Fiddler on the Roof”. The girls are looking forward to some warmer weather and more opportunities to get out and enjoy spring in Victoria.

Gearing up for the long weekend

February 11, 2023

It was a busy week for the Symons girls with lots to get done before the upcoming long weekend. We were lucky to have a special house dinner in the Sun Centre on Tuesday night. The highlight was definitely the dessert table!

On Wednesday, many of the girls performed in the Large Ensembles Concert. The link to the video is included below. A very talented group of students.

Naashkii got an article published in the Globe and Mail this week. We are so proud of her!


Lunar New Year

Heather and Patrice along with Winston and Ethan spent days cooking and prepping for a Lunar New Year feast. So many dishes were created for everyone to enjoy!

This groups of students went to Vancouver to purchase all the food, planned the dishes they created and worked as one amazing team to make all the delicious dishes.

January House Games

It was great for all the students to get together and compete at badminton. The girls divided themselves into groups of two and competed against Winslow and Timmis. Both the senior girls and junior girls performed well. It seems like we just got back and into routine, but the time is going so quickly. The girls are only one week away from the term change and 3 weeks away from the February long weekend. The weather is beginning to improve, so many girls are making time on the weekends to leave campus to go to dinner, shopping or see a movie with friends.

Happy 2023!!

It is always great to catch up with our students after a nice long break. Their stories from around the globe are far more exciting and captivating than what the house parents get up to typically over the holidays. The first week of holiday here in Victoria caught us off guard with a big snow storm, which meant a lot of shoveling and trips to the grocery store on foot with terrible road conditions.

As I said, not nearly as exciting as some of the stories from our boarders that I heard this week. Swimming with dolphins in Mexico, exploring Miami, skiing, skating, authentic Hot Pot and street food in Hong Kong – such great adventures! And of course, the main theme for everyone was sleep, food, and family time!

Today the Gr. 9s and 10s took a sunny walk with Ms. Kaufmann, where she enjoyed being regaled with their holiday highlights.

In other Symons news, Moe, Nora, and Carina took a trip to FabricLand with Mrs. Catto this morning to get supplies to make some dresses, shirts, and pencil cases. Crafty and talented girls!

Holiday Fun

The weather is getting colder, and the days are getting shorter. Yet, the girls spirits remain high as Term 2 came to an end this week, and we are so proud of the girls’ continuous efforts with their studies. This week consisted of lots of preparation for hosting our very own Symons house chapel. It is safe to say that their hard work has paid off; here are some photos of our production that included numbers from our very own Symons band, video content, singing, speeches, and more. 

Following chapel, we enjoyed our Holiday community dinner with fantastic food. The dining hall transformed into a winter wonderland that put us all in a holiday spirit as we gathered as one as a boarding community. Throughout the week, our girls have been sneakily shopping for their Secret Santa gifts. We had a blast unwrapping and gifting others, spreading cheer throughout the house!

In sporting news, our very own Moe scored two tries in her provincial rugby finals with her club. Ultimately, her team placed second in the province, and we couldn’t be more proud.

As we are wrapping up for winter holiday, we are reflecting on the immense growth that each of our boarders have undergone. We cannot wait to welcome them back in January, and we wish everyone a restful and well deserved break!

Getting into the Holiday Spirit

December 3, 2022

It was time to kick off the holiday spirit on campus. Symons worked hard to decorate our foyer and common room. They also decorated the Christmas tree in the entrance to the Sun Centre, and were busy prepping our house chapel tomorrow. Stay tuned next week for chapel and secret Santa pics!